A Sneak Peek and 2 Ways to Help Make Down the Fence

Want to see a sneak peek of some of the amazing footage we’ve shot for Down the Fence? Well you’ll get to this Wednesday! We’re going to release some of the footage on our brand spankin’ new “Kickstarter” page.

Sneek peek of sample footage coming soon

If you’re reading this, then you’re someone who’s probably been following the progress of Down the Fence. THANK YOU! We are so grateful to have your support.

We’re about 50% of the way through the production/filming phase of the movie, and we’re preparing for our biggest shoot yet, in Reno, Nevada. This one single shoot will cost a little over $40,000. That’s even with the wonderful Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino generously providing us with a bunch of rooms to stay in, Lori and MJ unpaid, and several volunteers helping out. The cost of the crew, food, travel, additional lodging, etc., really add up fast.

We’re at the point now, where we have to ask the world for help with the documentary. It’s a bit scary, but we’re going to hold our breath, jump, and hope for the best.

There are two ways you can help make this documentary the absolute best it can be:

1.  Become a backer. This Wednesday, we’re going to start a 30-day fundraising campaign on a fundraising platform called Kickstarter. People who pledge to donate to the film, “Backers,” will receive rewards (gifts) for their contributions. (The rewards are excellent if we do say so ourselves!)

2.  Share the Kickstarter page. If you don’t have the money to spare for a pledge, you can still really help the film by sharing our Kickstarter page with your friends (we'll post the link on Wednesday). That is such a huuuuuuge help. We’ll be using the hash tag #4downthefence by the way!

Thank you again for all of your support. And get ready for Wednesday! We’ll share some sneak peek footage of the movie and launch our fundraising campaign webpage on Kickstarter! And if you’re going, we’ll see you in Reno!!!