The 5 Wonderful Things that Happened During Our Las Vegas Production


The Las Vegas production was a huge success!

1.  The Portraits. Over 50 men and women of the NRCHA took time out of their crazy show schedules to pose for portraits. They not only posed, they morphed into super models. WOW! We said more then a few, “How YOU doin’?”s during the shoot. We laughed at the funny one’s, and teared up with emotion over the sentimental ones. It was the most special photo shoot I’ve personally ever witnessed. To see the portraits, keep your eyes on our facebook page or take a look at our Portraits page.

2.  The Interviews. We interviewed as many riders as we had time to in four days. The interviews were so open and heartfelt that we had to take a break a few times to wipe our eyes and recompose (from laughter or just being overcome by emotion). I can’t thank the riders enough for the stories they shared.

3.  The Crew. This was our first big shoot together with the entire team. There were 7 of us. For me, the best part was watching them get to know the cow horse community. The whole experience had me smiling so much that my face hurt. For most of them, it was their first cow horse show. One of my favorite moments was during our mic’ing of the turnback help. Patrick, with his headphones on, looked up at me smiling and whispered, “They’re looking for the yellow split ear!” I think they’ve all turned cowboy.

4.  The NRCHA team and community. Everyone in the NRCHA went above and beyond to help us. They showed up for portraits, for interviews, they participated in filming, they let us film wherever we needed to, they gave us information so fast we were never waiting, and the list goes on. A very special thanks to the NRCHA team working at the show: Jay, Carrie, Stephanie, Morgan, and Bill. Also Jeremy and Nate from Equine Promotion. And, of course, Jayson Jackson!

5.  The Hotel. The South Point Hotel, our first sponsors, gave us such wonderful support. They sponsored rooms, they extended the stay in one room, they gave us banquet room keys first thing in the morning, and every single person who works there was helpful and smiling. We owe a huge huge thank you to our first sponsors! THANK YOU SOUTH POINT! A special thanks to Lynne and Flo. The South Point truly supports the western lifestyle and equestrian projects.