Down the Fence is Officially in Production


Down the Fence is officially in production, and our first stop is Las Vegas, Nevada. I haven't even arrived in the "city that never sleeps” yet, and I already can't sleep!

I have to say THANK YOU to South Point for becoming a Down the Fence sponsor! Hurray South Point! Thank you South Point for supporting equestrian indie films!

We'll be filming at an NRCHA horse show called, "The Stallion Stakes." We have a lot of interviews planned. Trying to schedule horse trainers for sit-down interviews during a horse show is proving to be the biggest challenge of producing this 6 day shoot. If they're not showing, they're helping, coaching, or practicing. We knew it was going to be tough though, which is why we brought the amazing Christina Allen onboard as our Production Assistant. Christina is a cow horse trainer and the exact person we needed for the job! And that brings our total crew count to a Lucky #7!

Lori, who is an incredible photographer (did you see that last one we posted on FB? With the clouds?), has invited fellow photographer, Chris Jameson, along to take portraits of the horse trainers. I am so excited to see what the photographs are going to look like with two such amazing photographers in charge. Why the stills? We'll surprise you with that information later!