World's Greatest Horsemen in Fort Worth

A few weeks ago, I went to Fort Worth, Texas for the first time to see the NRCHA's World's Greatest Horseman. What an exciting show!

Just before I left for Texas, the NRCHA offered us an advertising spot during the show's webcast. Thank you NRCHA!

We weren't ready with a trailer yet, but you can bet your britches we weren't going to let an opportunity like that go by. So we hustled and put together this short "teaser trailer." It played during the ad reels for all the days of the show.

By the time I got to the event center in Texas, it seemed like everyone had seen it already, probably because they were playing it on the show's monitors too. I'm still grinning about all the nice feedback I was greeted with when I got there. The cow horse community is so great anyway, but everyone really went above and beyond to show support. Thanks you guys!

And I met Buck! I think he was just there watching the show. As we were preparing to grin for our photo (I asked for picture and he kindly obliged), I told him, "So Buck! We're going to follow in your footsteps and make a documentary!" He said, "That's great!" in the most genuine way.

Another memorable moment was Lyle Lovett singing the National Anthem. He was accompanied by the cellist, John Hagen. It was just perfect. Mr. Hagen was such a good sport about playing his beautiful cello atop the portable arena "stage"—a thin wood panel that kept him from having to put his cello in the dirt. Those two were one of my favorite WGH moments. From what I know, Mr. Lovett does whatever he can to support horse trainers.


We're working on getting our trailer ready, which will provide more information about the story. Also, I made a lot of great connections in Forth Worth, including some promising talks with potential corporate sponsors. Fingers crossed we end up with some great partners soon.

Lori and Ben have been doing some shooting at the ranch. They're getting some amazing stuff!

Our next big shoot? Vegas!

~MJ Isakson