Steering Down the Fence in the Right Direction


WOW! Movie making really takes up all the space in your brain! Aside from my day job, all I think about is Down the Fence! I've spent my evenings writing like a mad woman and talking on the phone to every horse trainer I know. Research! Research! Research! I even called a professor of history at Stanford (no call back yet). I'm heading to the NRCHA's World's Greatest Horseman show in Fort Worth, Texas next week to do some reconn and meet with several horse trainers.

The NRCHA has be an amazing resource for us. We've gotten some incredible support from the Director, Jay Winborn, the president, Todd Crawford, and their #1 at getting stuff done, Amanda Gartner. South Point Hotel in Vegas is also on our growing "Thank You!" card list. We love you Flo!

Our biggest push right now is organizing our first big all-hands-on-deck shoot, which will happen at the end of March. It's right around the corner! There is a lot to do! We're working on budget, location, legal forms, scheduling, shot list, travel arrangements, etc. Lori and I talk on the phone at least once a day, often several times a day.

We continue to get supportive email and Facebook comments. I've never been a runner, but I imagine this is what marathon runners feel like when people from the sidelines are cheering them on. It gives me a rush of energy every time I read one. I have a feeling that when we're in the thick of it toward the end, it's all the support that's going to get us past that finish line. Right now though, we sure have a spring in our step and the creative spirit and every kind word launches us even further along.

Thanks for reading and for the "likes" on Facebook! We're almost to 5,000!

~MJ Isakson