Movies Are Not Made Alone...Especially Not When Horse People Have Your Back.


It's been 11 days since we made the announcement about Down the Fence on Facebook. We already have over 4,000 likes! We danced a jig at 1,000, but when it got to 4,000 we were beside ourselves. I can't stop smiling about it. I want to give the horse community one big bear hug! We know we can't make this movie alone and are so encouraged by the support so far.

We've received comments, messages, and emails of support and encouragement from so many people. I really just can tell you how good that feels and how motivated it makes us. The NRCHA shared our information on their Facebook page which really helped to get the word out. Then Equestre Magazine did the same. The last time I checked, the share there had over 1,000 likes. Wow! Thank you NRCHA, Equestre Magazine, and everyone who's helping to get the word out.

An update on our pre-production work. We've been reviewing the footage from our first shoot, and it's just beautiful. We worked on our budget and filed for our LLC. We're official now! We've also got our next shoot 50% planned.

We've spent some time debating about which platform (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc) to choose for fundraising and when we should start the fundraising campaign. I think we're leaning toward Kickstarter, which only gives 3 months to raise the funds.

~MJ Isakson