Cowhorse Weekend in Snowville - Shooting the Pre-Production Trailer

Last week we finished our first shoot. Our goal was to get all of the footage we'd need for our pre-production movie trailer. Things went so well that we got in two days what we thought would take three. This was my first time visiting the Buttars' ranch. Brandon, Sophie, Texi, and Daxon were the so much fun and wonderful hosts.

The first day, we shot at an arena. Everyone was so enthusiastic about the project, even the folks who were just there to ride. I enjoyed watching everyone gather around the cameras for the slomo replays. There was a lot of "oohing" and "aaahing." Everyone there was willing to help with the cattle, the horses, the lighting, shot angle ideas, etc. It was so collaborative. What a perfect first day.

The next two days we spent at the Buttars ranch in Snowville. The drive to Snowville, Utah was cold (zero degrees), and we hit a pocket of creepy fog for a while (gave me an idea for another movie). Note to self: the next time you go to Snowville, Utah in January, bring an Arctic onesie snowsuit. Thermals and hand warmers won't cut it.

Although we don't have our crew fully assembled, everyone onboard right now is absolutely wonderful. I love this pic of Lori, Fernando, and Patrick trying to shimmy a huge light just a liiiiiiitttle further to the left.

-MJ Isakson